GeigerLink™ with the IMI Gateway™ App


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Connect your Geiger Counter with the World

GeigerLink™ with the IMI Gateway™ App

A Game Changing Combination for Logging and Sharing Radiation Data

Increase the power of your Geiger Counter and turn it into a full fledged monitoring station by linking it to your computer and the free IMI Gateway App.

Medcomʻs tiny but powerful GeigerLink™ connects to any IMI Geiger Counter through the Medcom Standard 3.5 mm output jack.  A micro USB port then connects your instrument through your computer to the world.  GeigerLink can work with Mac, Windows, Chrome and Linux computers by using the free IMI Gateway App – available on Google Chrome Store.  A dedicated Mac OS X version of IMI Gateway will be available soon.  Operating Instructions are available here.