Hawk® EMS – Environmental (Radiation) Monitoring System

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Hawk® EMS – Environmental (Radiation) Monitoring System

 EMS  and Hawk® Radius Probe (in rear) – Mounted on a Tripod with Solar Panel

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The Hawk®  EMS is a wall or tripod-mounted radiation monitoring and alarm system designed for use with the Hawk® Radius dual sensor radiation probe.  Each EMS System comes with a Hawk Radius Probe.  The system is extremely energy efficient and can run for weeks on an internal 9 volt back-up battery if power fails.  It is well suited for operating on a small solar panel, which is an optional accessory.  The Hawk® EMS features two displays that show the radiation levels measured by each of the probe’s two detectors: the weatherized “pancake-style” Geiger-Mueller tube — which measures alpha (if configured for it), beta, low energy gamma, and x-radiation — and the energy-compensated gamma tube which measures penetrating gamma dose rate. The probe can be mounted next to the EMS system or outdoors, or in adjacent rooms on cables up to 100 ft in length.   Standard cable is 3 meters in length.  Optional signal booster can support cable lengths longer than 100 feet.  Optionally the system can also be configured to share data on ethernet or wireless networks.


The Hawk®  EMS  is designed for applications requiring continuous monitoring with an alarm capability.  Both visual and audible indicators were designed to provide effective and timely warning when adjustable threshold conditions are exceeded.  Typical applications include environmental monitoring, public health protection, public safety, border or portal security, event safety, perimeter security, scientific inquiry, nuclear arms control and regulatory compliance.  Its sensitivity to Xe-133, Kr-85 and a variety of medical radionuclides make it ideal for nuclear medicine departments, hospitals, and pharmaceutical industry applications.    The Hawk EMS can also be configured to control HVAC air intake in  buildings to prevent contamination in the event of a nuclear event.    The system is designed to be highly effective at relatively low cost.


  • User settable ALERT functions provide audible and visual warnings within seconds after a change in radiation level. An optional output can control external devices when an alarm occurs.
  • The attractive wall mount enclosure can blend into an office environment, but is suitable for industrial and security applications. A secured access panel controls all functions and is available with tamper resistant fasteners. Cables can be routed through the back wall, or through the bottom panel.
  • Control Panel allows setting the alert level for each detector, power switch, mute alarm function, and access to interface cables.

Custom Instruments and Systems


The Hawk EMS system can be customized.  Options include:

  • Solar and other alternate power sources
  • Custom control of external devices upon alert
  • Data communications by ethernet or a multitude of wireless options
  • Integration of collected data into GIS systems
  • Private and/or public data sharing
  • RadReponder professional radiological response network compatibility (FEMA, NNSA, FEMA, DOE)
  • Safecast compatibility.


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*Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

Technical Specifications

System and Displays

  • Displays: Two 4-digit liquid crystal displays including mode indicators, one indicates Counts Per Minute (CPM) from the (alpha) / beta / gamma / X-ray detector, the other indicates mR/hr from the energy compensated gamma /x-ray detector
  • Averaging Periods: Display updates every 3 seconds, showing the average for the past 30-second time period at normal levels. The averaging period decreases as the radiation level increases, as fast as 3 seconds at high rates.
  • Accuracy: ± 15% up to 50 mR/hr; ± 20% up to 100 mR/hr
  • Anti-Saturation: Readout holds at full scale in fields up to 100 times the maximum reading
  • Enclosure: Water resistant housing, tamper resistant with access panel for controls, optional tamper resistant fasteners (IP51 protection class)
  • Power: AC wall-mount adapter standard, with battery backup. Greater than 1000 hours battery life with Lithium 9v battery. Low battery indicator.
  • Grounding: Earth ground connection point provided for internal lightning suppression, all system signals relative to this ground point.
  • Outputs: Detector pulses are available for external data logging or analysis. Alert indicator provides 12V output to activate relay for controlling external power devices, relay is optional. Can be used to activate security devices or cameras, close air intake or water valves, lock doors, and perform other functions.

Alert Specifications

Audible Warning

  • Adjustable audible range from +83 to +103dBa
  • 2900Hz +/- 250Hz
  • Waterproof transducer

Visual Warning

  • SuperBright Red Domed LED Light, Flashes 1Hz rate
  • Typical 1300 fL intensity
  • Waterproof enclosure

Alert Output Signal

  • 12v output when active — zero output when inactive
  • Can provide up to 100mA to drive external relay

General Specifications for Probe

  • Weatherproof & salt-spray resistant enclosure with watertight cable connection (enclosure rated NEMA 4X, IP66)
  • Mounting bracket mounts to variety of surfaces or on a tripod with standard ¼-20 thread
  • ESD and surge protected
  • Temperature Range:  Probe: -40° to 75°C (-40° to 167°F) Control Module: -20° to +50° C , -4° to +122° F


International Medcom is passionate about quality and customer satisfaction. We provide the best radiation detector warranty available anywhere.

Warranty covers overall system for 2 years.  GM sensor warranty is limited to 1 year.