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Community Monitoring

Protecting Communities is something we are passionate about at IMI.

It is in our DNA.


For 35 years our team members have responded to requests for assistance by communities affected by the nuclear age. From Three Mile Island to Chernobyl to Fukushima Daiichi, we have provided instruments and support in response to accidents and events that have shaken communities.

Public Health

We support down-wind communities. Whether you are living near a superfund site, or you are part of a Native American community affected by mining and refining of Uranium, we will help if we can. We have provided instrumentation and support for communities affected by the nuclear age for decades. We have supported Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander nations with issues related to nuclear testing and Depleted Uranium munitions. We have worked with communities to develop learning materials to support development of information, knowledge and empowerment in affected populations.


Building trust within communities affected by the nuclear age can be a difficult and long term process. The path to wellness in a community can be supported with instrumentation to document remediation and ongoing operations of concern. Open accessible information provided by appropriate instrumentation, independently operated, can build trust. Currently IMIʻs real-time probes around Fukushima Daiichi monitor for releases during clean-up activities at the damaged reactors. Our radiation probes monitor continuously to prevent problems in security conscious communities including New York City.


We prefer Prevention. We believe that our preventative programs have saved lives, prevented accidents and contributed to wellness in communities.

Contact us if we can help you prevent problems in your Community.

Our goal is to empower communities with tools and information to promote health, well being and Peace of Mind.