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IMI – International Medcom Inc.

Protect® – Our Primary Mission for 35 Years

High Quality Instruments for Radiation Safety

Best Warranty in the Industry. High Cost/Performance Benefits

Since 1986


Please contact us about your requirements for radiation protection, security and safety applications.   Our customizable Responder®, Inspector® and Protect® product lines are designed for professional users.   Ask about our Protect and Responder Kits.

IMI Inspector Alert V2

The IMI Inspector has been the surface contamination instrument of choice in numerous health and safety programs for over 20 years. It set the standard for a new generation of compact digital instruments. The IMI Inspectorʻs high contrast display, accuracy, ease-of-use and affordability make it stand out in the Crowd. It is a real workhorse, and it detects alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The IMI Inspector performs well (as do all IMI instruments) in environments with strong electrical and magnetic fields. Look for the (magnifying lens) on the IMI Inspectors to know you are getting the original high quality Medcom Inspector, with the industryʻs best warranty.


ONYX-front_800Onyx is rocking the world by setting a new standard for size, shape and performance. It detects alpha, beta and gamma radiation. One reviewer with deep roots in the radiation detection community described the feeling he got upon test driving the Onyx in one word: “ecstatic.” The color display and touch sensitive keypad make it a natural fit for a new generation of health and safety conscious professionals.




Radalert® 100XRadalert 100X. Firefighters in one of the most security-conscious cities in the world put an IMI Radalert in every fire truck. Radalerts were also distributed to city and state police. Public Safety people love the Radalert family of products because they are easy to use and understand. The original Radalert ushered in an age of digital radiation detectors over 25 years ago. The current model, the Radalert100X, continues to provide high cost/performance benefits, and is highly valued because it is easy to use and understand. Look for the Radalert(TM) logo to make sure you are getting the original IMI/Medcom instrument with the industryʻs best warranty.



Radiation Monitoring Systems: Our Hawk EMS will not only monitor your event, business, or building. It will also shut down your air intake if radiation is detected. Its bright warning light and high output beeper will let you know right away if there is something you should be aware of. These systems can be used in hospitals, waste management facilities, land fills, or any place where potential sources of radiation need to be monitored.



Hawk Radius Probes: The Hawk is known for its vision, its ability to see what others cannot. This probe has two sensors. One detects and measures penetrating gamma radiation dose. The other detects mixed alpha, beta and gamma radiation. This combination of capability can help manage an emergency or (better) detect a problem in time to correct it before there is an emergency.







Custom Communications: The world is changing and becoming an “Internet of Things.” We offer standard and optional features to accommodate sharing data to support safety and security communications. Options include Bluetooth, Wireless Internet, Cellular, Spread Spectrum, SCADA and standard FCC licensed Radio Spectra.