When You Receive Your Instrument

When you order and receive a new instrument from International Medcom, Inc.:

1. Open the package and determine if the meter has been damaged in shipping. Turn the unit on and confirm that the meter and display works. If it does not work on arrival, immediately contact us, so that we can talk to the shipping carrier used for insurance declaration.

2. If you suspect there is a problem with the Geiger tube, be sure to contact us right away. There is only a one year warranty on that core part for the instrument.

3. Contact us regarding any warranty repair issues. We need to issue an RMA number to authorize repair of the units. See below for more information.

Warranty & Warranty Services

We offer the following two-year limited warranty on all of our handheld radiation detection instruments and on our Hawk® radiation probes:

This product is warranted to the original owner to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase with the exception of the Geiger-Mueller tube, which is warranted for one year, and with the exception of the battery, which is not included in this warranty. IMI will, at its own discretion, repair or replace this instrument if it fails to operate properly within this warranty period unless the warranty has been voided by any of the following circumstances: misuse, abuse, or neglect of this instrument voids this warranty; modification or repair of this instrument by anyone other than IMI or their approved repair facility voids this warranty; contamination of this instrument with radioactive materials voids this warranty. Contaminated instruments will not be accepted for servicing at our repair facility.

This warranty applies solely to the original owner and is valid only on instruments sold by IMI and its authorized representatives.

The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product for his or her intended application. The user assumes all risk and liability connected with such use. IMI is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of this instrument.

How to Request Warranty Service

If your instrument fails to operate properly within the warranty period, contact IMI to receive a return authorization number (RMA). DO NOT SEND WITHOUT AN RMA NUMBER ON THE PACKAGE! All shipments without an RMA will be refused.

Please package the unit carefully — with plenty of bubble-wrap and/or non-toxic packaging materials — insure it and ship it with the RMA number written on the package to  the following address:

International Medcom, Inc.
103 Morris Street, Suite A5
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Tel: (707) 823-0336 / Fax: (707) 823-7207

For warranty services, the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the instrument to our repair facility.

Restrictions & Limitations

The warranty is voided by any of the following circumstances:

  • misuse, abuse, or neglect of the instrument;
  • modification or repair of the instrument by anyone other than IMI or their approved repair facility;
  • contamination of the instrument with radioactive materials.

We will not, under any circumstances, accept for service at our repair facilities any instrument that has been contaminated by radioactive materials.  If your instrument is contaminated and you would like have your instrument decontaminated or disposed of properly, please contact Qal-Tek Associates at (888) 523-5557  to obtain proper procedures on how to ship your instrument to them. They charge $120.00/hr for decontamination and their disposal fee varies depending on the severity of your instrument(s).

The terms of our warranty are subject to change without notice.