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Healthy Office and Healthy Home = Healthy People

Ionizing radiation is an invisible co-factor in our lives and health. What can we do?

There are 4 common types of ionizing radiation, all invisible to the eye:

Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-Rays

Alpha is the most harmful (if inhaled or ingested)

There is a growing movement towards health-conscious living. Healthy food, exercise, sunlight (in moderation), and emotional well-being are all recognized as important factors contributing to our health and general well being.

Yet sometimes there are invisible elements in our environment that we cannot be aware of with our human senses.

Sometimes they can effect our health. Ionizing radiation is one of these.

Experts, including the Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation Committee (BEIR) of the National Academy of Sciences tell us that there is no dose that does not carry some risk (even if the risk is extremely small). The principle of ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) is applied to workers in the nuclear industry. It makes sense to apply it to everyone.

From this perspective, it makes sense to:

  • Minimize x-rays, CAT scans, Mammograms, consistent with getting necessary information while keeping dose as low as possible
  • Minimize occupational exposure
  • Limit exposure as you travel
  • Minimize exposure in your home
  • Be aware of events near and far that could affect your accumulated exposure over time.

Stress and fear are also co-factors that can effect health and longevity.

Knowledge and information, on the other hand, can be empowering and reduce stress.

Our instruments are designed to empower people with information that will help them live long, happy and healthy lives.

Sources of ionizing radiation in the Office or Workplace

  • X-ray and other medical or dental equipment nearby
  • Industrial radiography
  • Some building materials
  • Ionizers for static reduction
  • Naturally Occurring Radon Gas
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)
  • Technologically Enhanced Radioactive Materials (TENORM)
  • Co workers undergoing medical procedures
  • Some antiques and jewelry
  • Lab and medical radionuclides
  • Research materials
  • Some welding supplies
  • Some aerospace components

Sources of ionizing radiation in the Home:

  • Fiesta Ware
  • Uranium Glass
  • Radium dial clocks and watches
  • Some jewelry
  • Some antiques
  • Family members or pets undergoing certain medical procedures
  • Neighborhood sources
  • Radon Gas
  • NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials)
  • TENORM (Technologically Enhanced Radioactive Materials)
  • Granite Counter Tops
  • Some building materials
  • Things people bring home from work
  • Local sources of ionizing radiation (power plants, oil and gas exploration, industrial activity, Superfund sites)
  • Distant sources carried by the wind

Our hand held instruments are easy to use and understand, and designed to keep you safe and free from worry:

ONYX-front_800Onyx – Slim, elegant, beautiful, functional and sensitive – this instrument is also social media enabled and easy to slip in your pocket. Advanced features, great price, best warranty in the industry. Rechargeable with micro USB cable (supplied). Can hook up with your computer to upload recorded readings or to collect live data on a Chrome app.




Rad100-product-shotRad100 – Very economical without sacrificing ability to detect mixed sources (alpha, beta, gamma and x-rays). 6 month battery life, high accuracy, 2 year warranty.





Radalert® 100XRadalert 100X – Economical but accurate and dependable. Detects alpha beta gamma and x-rays, and has an adjustable alert feature to let you know if something changes in your environment. 6 month battery life, 2 year warranty.





ProbesContact us if you want to monitor your home, office or outdoor environment continuously. We have multiple cost effective solutions to meet your needs.