Certificate of Conformance

This document, the Certificate of Conformance accompanies each geiger counter sold by International Medcom, Inc. except for the CRM-100™

Certificate of Conformance

IMI certifies that the radiation detection instrument identified herein meets the standards referenced below for quality manufacturing and factory calibration.

Instrument (Select Models)

Manufacturing facility for printed circuit board assembly is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO14001 certified.

Factory Calibration
This instrument has been calibrated electronically with a pulse generator to
factory specifications. Accuracy is typically ±15% relative to Cs-137. Our laboratory facilities, electronic test equipment, methodology, measurement traceability, and quality processes follow guidelines based on ISO 17025 standards.

Factory calibration is valid for 12 months from the date the instrument is placed into service. The customer or end user is responsible for compliance with any applicable recalibration requirements. Calibration to a NIST-traceable Cs-137 source is available upon request for an additional fee.

Quality Assurance
This instrument has been thoroughly tested and evaluated before leaving our laboratory facilities. Certification further ensures conformance to our quality control standards for structural integrity, electronic performance, mechanical function, and Geiger Mueller tube effectiveness.