Kickstarter X Safecast Geiger Counters coming off the production line at IMI Lab, Sebastopol, California

Kickstarter X Safecast Geiger Counters Shipping


Kickstarter X Safecast Geiger Counters coming off the production line at IMI Lab (International Medcom), Sebastopol, California

The Limited Edition Kickstarter X Safecast Geiger Counters, code named Onyx®, are now shipping!

Thanks to all of you who supported this project by contribution of design, ideas, code, support services, and participation in the Kickstarter project.  Thanks to each of you, the project has been named a “favorite” and Best of 2012 by Kickstarter, a Kickstarter Project that will “change your life in 2013″ by Yahoo News, and was featured as a Kickstarter “Winner” in the Wall Street Journal.

We are excited and grateful to be part of  this amazing Kickstarter project, created by Sean Bonner, Director of Global Operations at Safecast!  Those of you who participated in the Kickstarter Project can now be a part of Safecast’s amazing and expanding Global Sensor Network, in alliance with MIT Media Lab, Keio University, and an expanding network of volunteers.  A special thank you is in order for Master Designer Andrew “Bunnie” Huang PhD, who designed this instrument “for Japan” and Safecast after the Fukushima Dai-ichi incident.

Each instrument is being shipped with a laser etched number that shows you are the owner of a limited edition instrument.   Each instrument is in clear plastics, so you can see what is going on inside.  Each instrument is also shipped with a Certificate of Conformance signed by IMI International Medcom CEO, Dan Sythe, and a Quick Start Guide to get you up and running when the instrument comes out of the box.

A full manual is available here, and it will be updated with new information periodically:

Download (PDF, 7.38MB)

The instrument is fully functional as shipped, and should provide you many years of trouble-free use.  IMI is backing the instrument with its industry leading limited 2 year warranty (1 year on GM tube).

New features and code upgrades will be available periodically by using OnyxLoader, by Nava Whiteford, Onyx® code developer (Thanks Nava).  OnyxLoader is available for OSX, Windows and Arduino users.  For OSX users please download and unzip the following Application.

For Arduino users, this file will work:

For Windows users:

For you geeks out there who want to become familiar with the code, or contribute, keep your eye on the Onyx Github presence:

Please enjoy your Onyx® experience and get in touch with us if we can help in any way.

Toll Free:  877.378.1010

Outside the U.S.A. 707.823.0336

Email:  orders(at)


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