Upgrading you Early Onyx or Safecast X Kickstarter Instrument

Upgrading your Onyx 

You can keep your Onyx code up to date using the IMI Gateway App.  A Windows and OS X version of the app ships with each Onyx instrument on a USB drive.   You can also contact us to receive the app via email.

If your Onyx is operating on software prior to v12.26b you may want to upgrade to take advantage of the latest refinements.   We are happy to upgrade your instrument for you.  For this service please contact us using this form and we will provide shipping instructions.

If you are operating on code prior to v12.26b and want to upgrade yourself you will need a Windows PC.  Contact Us and we will email you the Onyx Loader Utility.

The current version of Onyx code is available here at Github.

The generic download link for all Onyx firmware releases is at: