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The GeigerGraph software works with the Radalert® 100X and the IMI Inspector Alert™ V2; as well as our discontinued models, the IMI Inspector™, IMI Inspector Alert™, Radalert® 100, Radalert® 50 and The Geiger™.  The GeigerGraph receives each pulse or count from the instrument through the data cable, and displays and graphs the Current reading, an Average, and Minimum and Maximum counts per minute (CPM) over the test period.

You can order the GeigerGraph software as an option when you buy the Radalert® 100X or the IMI Inspector Alert™ V2.

Download free demo (This is a zip file; you need to unzip it to run it.)

The GeigerGraph software is useful for continuous monitoring of environmental radiation. It alerts you to any elevated levels relative to your typical background count. The software gives an audible and visual alert whenever the CPM exceed a user-determined level. For example, in the picture above, the radiation level increases to above the user-set Alert Level of 100 CPM halfway through the test period, and the software issues a visual alert.

Both versions require the minimum operating system of MS Windows 98, ME, NT, XP, Vista, or 7; a USB connection cable is included with each order. An optional RS-232 cable is available upon request.

  • Runs on any PC with Windows 95 or higher. Minimum system requirements: Pentium Processor (486 may work), CD-ROM drive, available serial port, 16MB RAM (more recommended), 1MB hard drive space, and high color (16 bit) display.
  • Can run in the background, and notify you only if the radiation level exceeds your pre-set Alert Level.
  • Saves the radiation count data every minute to a text file that can be exported to a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Lotus 123 for further analysis.
  • Includes a simulation that mimics the recording and graphing of radiation counts without a Geiger counter. The simulation demonstrates the program, graphing normal background radiation followed by an elevated radiation count from a simulated radioactive “event” that exceeds the alert level.
  • Includes a data cable with a 3.5 mm stereo plug that plugs into the geiger counter’s dual miniature jack. The output at the tip of the plug provides a positive 5 volt pulse each time the Geiger counter detects a count. The other end of the data cable is a USB connector for an IBM PC compatible serial port.
  • Comes on a CD-ROM disc which the user installs on the computer’s hard drive, so the CD can be removed after installation for running of the program.