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ONYX®Quick Start Guide
ONYX® Quick Start Guide

ONYX® Operation Manual
ONYX® Operation Manual

ONYX® Specification Sheet
ONYX® Specification Sheet

ONYX Available Accessories
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ONYX Available Software

IMI Gateway For Android Devices
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IMI Gateway for Google’s Chrome Browser
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Updating Onyx Firmware

If your firmware is version 12.26-b or later
Use the Wizkers or IMI Gateway Apps which will auto-update Onyx firmware if updates are available (Links above)

If your firmware is prior to version 12.26-b
Please contact our Team at Medcom Customer Care

Instructional Videos on Onyx and Wizkers/IMI Gateway

Setup and Basic use of Onyx & the Wizkers/IMI Gateway Apps
Wizkers Chrome App & Onyx Basic Tutorial Video