Radiation Monitors

Since its inception in 1986, IMI has been at the forefront of the design and development of radiation monitors. Following Three Mile Island, IMI was involved in the creation of a model pilot radiation monitoring system for communities around nuclear facilities. That tradition was continued and expanded upon with the evolution of their pioneering PC-based real time radiological monitoring network installed around the Seabrook Station nuclear plant for the local community with support from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Today, that same creativity and passion for a healthy planet are incorporated in the Hawk Environmental Radiation Monitoring System capable of continuous outdoor monitoring of alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

IMI also manufactures a wide variety of pocket sized, low power digital surface contamination detectors and radiation monitors such as the Inspector Alert and Radalert 100, respectively. In addition, IMI has a low cost line of radiation detector instruments suitable for educational purposes. Finally, the newly released Onyx Radiation Monitor represents the most modern styled and sophisticated radiation detector in the market today.