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There have been a lot of exciting developments here at IMI.  We have moved our offices and production facility to a new location that is better customized for our operations.  Like our Morris Street location, we have solar panels on the roof.  Our lighting and environmental control systems are highly efficient and state-0f-the-art.  For thirty years we have been pioneers in recycling, elimination of toxic materials in manufacturing, and design and production of instruments that are extremely energy efficient.  That legacy continues and is improving each year.  We have released a number of new products this year, including the Inspector BLE, GeigerLink, a new Protect Rubber Boot for using our instruments in extreme environments, and new apps for Macs, PCs, iPhone and Android devices.  Contact us for information on a wide array of solutions and services we can provide to make your world safer.  New products will continue to be rolling out as we move into 2018.  Stay tuned.  Thanks to all of our loyal customers.  We appreciate you letting us be part of your efforts to make the planet safer.

IMI Inspector Alert – Bulletin

IMI Inspector Alert Geiger Counter
IMI Inspector Alert Geiger Counter – Perfect for Surface Contamination, General Use, and Silent Monitoring with Alert Feature

The IMI Inspector Alert is one of our most popular instruments.  It has become known as one of the most reliable, trustworthy and compact hand held instruments for detecting contamination on surfaces and for general purpose use.   It also has a reputation for ease of use, and ease of understanding.

We built the first Inspector Geiger Counter here at our Sebastopol lab back in 1989.   Since then the Inspector name has become associated with a class of instruments that are handheld and utilize the “pancake” style GM sensor.  Instruments based on the pancake detector were previously only packaged in lunch box sized enclosures.   Today there are a few companies that make this type of instrument.

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