IMI Inspector Alert – Bulletin

IMI Inspector Alert Geiger Counter
IMI Inspector Alert Geiger Counter – Perfect for Surface Contamination, General Use, and Silent Monitoring with Alert Feature

The IMI Inspector Alert is one of our most popular instruments.  It has become known as one of the most reliable, trustworthy and compact hand held instruments for detecting contamination on surfaces and for general purpose use.   It also has a reputation for ease of use, and ease of understanding.

We built the first Inspector Geiger Counter here at our Sebastopol lab back in 1989.   Since then the Inspector name has become associated with a class of instruments that are handheld and utilize the “pancake” style GM sensor.  Instruments based on the pancake detector were previously only packaged in lunch box sized enclosures.   Today there are a few companies that make this type of instrument.


The quality and reliability and warrantees of “Inspector Class” hand held radiation detection instruments are not all the same.   Our model, the IMI Inspector Alert,  has been widely imitated but never matched for quality and performance.  Today the best way to identify our product is to look for our trademarked magnifying lens on the front of the instrument.   Our instruments are also always red and black.  They are never any other color.  Our IMI Inspector instruments are rigorously tested, and have high immunity to electromagnetic radiation.  Our instruments  carry the worldʻs best warranty.

Remember to look for our logo and red and black color if you are looking for the IMI Inspector Alert.

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