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May 9th, 2012

Here’s what people say about IMI and our instruments:

“The [IMI] Inspector Alert™ is an ideal instrument for use by emergency response personnel who suspect that radioactive materials may have been dispersed in the environment. Its low cost coupled with the nearly universal utility of this instrument make it an excellent choice.”

Tony Greenhouse
PhD Health Physics


“I use the [IMI] Inspector™ to quickly determine which scraps of metal are radioactive. The [IMI] Inspector™ has saved us a lot of hassle with its quick response time, and I am very pleased with the [IMI] Inspector™.”

James Kelly
Kelly Salvage


“I thought you would like to know that the instrument [the Radalert® on a trip to the Soviet Union] was used widely and effectively and with much respect and appreciation. I find it an excellent instrument and I know that my colleagues were much pleased that I had it with me.”

Dr. George Woodwell
Director, The Woods Hole Research Center


“The work you are doing in advancing the state of the art in radiation protection is very important for the world right now.”

Dr. Karl Z. Morgan
“The Father of Modern Health Physics”


“Congratulations to you and all of those responsible for the superbly engineered, packaged, documented and human-factored Radalert®.”

L.W. Wheaton


“Thank you again for the great instruments and support you have given us over the years. It has been so very important to us in our work to keep our communities safe here in New Jersey.”

Judy Friedman
Director, PACE

Product Reviews and Articles

“The [IMI] Inspector™ overcomes my perceived shortcomings in small instruments, and in fact, adds an unexpected measure of versatility. The internal workings appeared to be of a well thought out design with a good component density, important for an instrument this size. The circuit board was neat and intelligent and the soldering work was very well done…..The [IMI] Inspector™, despite its small size, is a versatile and capable instrument. Overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending this instrument.”

Paul R. Steinmeyer
Product Review, Radiation Safety Officer Magazine, March/April 1998


“The instrument [The Radalert®] was chosen for a variety of reasons. It is simple, rugged, yet can take reliable, consistent measurements of various radioactive sources and of background radiation. People, young and old alike, are attracted to it and want to pick it up and start experimenting. Students can easily slip it into a fanny pack and take it home or down the street to a vacant lot. This type of instrument may encourage students to acquire ownership of a small part of science by exploring, not just a pre-arranged classroom environment, but their own environment on their own time with their friends and parents.”

Roger Eckhardt and Dianne Hyer
Directors of Project SWOOPE (Students Watching Over Our Planet Earth), Los Alamos National Laboratory, Newsletter of the American Chemical Society Division of Analytical Chemistry, Spring 1991.


“The Radalert® Radiation Monitor is small, light and extremely sensitive…A good nuclear radiation monitor like the Radalert™ can add an entirely new dimension to prospecting and mineral collecting. At the least it will enrich your understanding of nuclear radiation, one of the most fascinating aspects of the earth sciences. how many different ways you can use the Radalert® is limited only by your scientific creativity, curiosity and growing knowledge of nuclear radiation.”

Steve Voynick
Rock and Gem Magazine


“The Radalert® Eric and I used on two New Mexico field trips and which I have taken on many aircraft flights is made by International Medcom. This rugged instrument indicates either the accumulated count or the counts per minute on a liquid crystal display. One of its most important features is an output jack that permits the instrument to be coupled to an external circuit, recorder or computer.”

Forrest M. Mims III
Editor, Science Probe Magazine

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